OurStreetTip makes virtual community pages in order to promote real life interaction on a local level. We want you to take part in and share what is going on in your neighbourhood.

Furthermore, we help independent small businesses and local shop owners to compete by providing a cheap, effective and fun way of communicating with their most important customers, the ones who live in the neighbourhood. 


The name OurStreetTip

There are products and services called iThis or myThat. 

But whether our home is in a town or a village, we live among people. We have neighbours and friends that live close by. We might know the proprietor of the local shop, would probably greet the postman or the newspaper delivery boy. 

OurStreetTip enhances the sense of neighbourhood by letting people become fans of where they live. Anyone who has anything to say about what is going on in the area can post it on the local page. OurStreetTip encourages the dissemination of tips and news on a local level that make life just that little bit easier and more pleasant – because i, my and mine is simply more fun when we remember one thing: us


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