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Here's an example of a local OurStreetTip page: www.facebook.com/Hamburg.Hansaplatz


Gründerszene (a German online magazine for entrepreneurs) published an interview with founder Olaf Bryan Wielk (15th February, 2012): www.gruenderszene.de/allgemein/ourstreettip-interview




Friends and partners

In Hamburg, we cooperate with these guys, who make great urban city walks flyers: www.heimatkunden.de.



The OurStreetTip logo and all our stationary etc was designed by the brilliant agency Trockenbrot (London/Hamburg): www.trockenbrot.com.

The OurStreetTip homepage was designed and built by all-round genius Antonia Haas using Contao.

Thank you!

Thanks also to Marie Naumann, Alexandra Bültemeier and the indefatigable Lisa Berger for consultancy, analysis, quality control, etc! 


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