Stay local – Tell the locals what you have to offer

It is always good to communicate with the locals. Approximately 70% of a typical shop's customers live within five minutes walking distance. As a local shop or business, club, artist, venue, café or restaurant, use your local OurStreetTip page to communicate directly with the people who live in your area. Supplement your fanbase by posting on the OurStreetTip page and reaching the locals. Increase traffic to your website, engagement on your own Facebook page, and get new customers into your physical store or location. 

If there is no OurStreetTip page for your area on Facebook, OurStreetTip will make one for you. The one-time fee of €11,90 (including taxes) is currently not being charged, and this includes your being made co-administrator of the page. 

If the OurStreetTip page for your area exists already and you wish to post on it, OurStreetTip will make you co-administrator. The one-time fee of €11,90 (including taxes) is currently not being charged. 

The OurStreetTip shop to book these services is only available on the German version of this site. If you have problems using the German booking system, please don't hesitate to send a mail to for access to your OurStreetTip page. 


Please be aware that while you are using Facebook to post on any page, including OurStreetTip pages, you are subject to Facebook's Terms and Conditions. This means, for instance, that you should avoid running competitions or sweepstakes on any page.

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