Like where you live

In your neighbourhood there are shops, artists, suppliers, clubs, venues, etc. 

• Did you know that the chippy has a cod & chips special for a fiver this week? 
• Did you know the pub down the road has a cocktail happy hour every day between 6 and 8pm? 
• Did you know the local shop has cola sixpacks on sale this week? 
• Did you know about the jumble sale at the community centre on Sunday?

OurStreetTip sends you information like this directly onto your Facebook newsfeed. 

To use OurStreetTip in Germany, log on to Facebook and type your postcode (PLZ) into the search.
Become a fan of the OurStreetTip page you find by clicking the like button. 
From now on you will receive news and offers from all participating local businesses & co. 

If you find no page for your area, write us a mail and we will create one (free of charge, of course):

To keep up to date on what is going on at OurStreetTip, like us here:

The OurStreetTip system works whereever Facebook works. We intend to expand internationally, so if you are not in Germany, watch this space!