Welcome to OurStreetTip

OurStreetTip is a project based in Berlin and Hamburg. 

  • OurStreetTip makes Facebook pages for local areas.
  • Facebook users can become fans of the area in which they live and where they work.
  • Shops and services in that area can post on the page.

OurStreetTip is a collection of local communities on Facebook. Local businesses, clubs, artists, shops, cafés, venues, etc, can use OurStreetTip to communicate news about offers and events. 

OurStreetTip is a simple service that keeps you informed and up to date about what is going on in your neighbourhood.

  • OurStreetTip is not a check-in service.
  • OurStreetTip is not difficult to use and requires no app or download.
  • OurStreetTip not expensive. On the contrary, OurStreetTip is free for the user, very good value for local businesses, and useful for everyone.
  • OurStreetTip is not complicated – OurStreetTip is as simple as Facebook.

If you use are using Facebook in Germany, type your five-digit postcode (PLZ) into the Facebook search. Become a fan of the local OurStreetTip page you find by clicking the like button. 
From now on you will receive news from all participating local businesses & co. 

If you find no page for your street, write us a mail and we will make the page for free: help@ourstreettip.com.

To keep up to date on what is going on at OurStreetTip, like us here: www.facebook.com/OurStreetTip.

Use the German version of this site for full functionality.